Pirke Avot 6:6

Greater is the Torah than priesthood or royalty, for royalty is attained through thirty qualifications and the priesthood through twenty-four; but the Torah is attainable through forty-eight, to wit:

  1. by audible study,
  2. by distinct pronunciation,
  3. by understanding,
  4. by discernment of the heart,
  5. by awe,
  6. by reverence,
  7. by meekness,
  8. by cheerfulness,
  9. by ministering to the sages,
  10. by attaching oneself to colleagues,
  11. by discussion with disciples,
  12. by sedateness,
  13. by knowledge of the Scripture,
  14. by knowledge of the Mishnah,
  15. by minimizing business,
  16. by minimizing worldly interests,
  17. by minimizing indulgence,
  18. by minimizing sleep,
  19. by minimizing conversation,
  20. by minimizing jesting,
  21. by patience,
  22. by a good heart,
  23. by faith in the sages,
  24. by resignation under affliction,
  25. by knowing one's place,
  26. by rejoicing in one's lot,
  27. by setting a limit to one's words,
  28. by not claiming merit for oneself,
  29. by being one that is beloved,
  30. by loving God,
  31. by loving one's fellow- men,
  32. by loving the ways of justice,
  33. by loving rectitude,
  34. by loving reproof,
  35. by keeping oneself far from the pursuit of honor,
  36. by not being arrogant in learning,
  37. by not delighting to lay down legal decisions,
  38. by bearing the yoke with one's fellow student,
  39. by judging him favorably,
  40. by leading him to truth and peace,
  41. by being composed in one's study,
  42. by questioning and answering,
  43. by hearing and adding to what one hears,
  44. by learning in order to teach,
  45. by learning in order to practice,
  46. by making one's master wiser,
  47. by fixing attention upon his discourse, and
  48. by reporting a thing in the name of him who said it.

So thou hast learned, that whosoever repeats a saying in the name of its author brings salvation to the world, as it is implied in Scripture: “And Esther told the king in the name of Mordecai” (Esther 2.22 )

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